about us

buttonstart is creating options and opportunities for brands and agencies to connect with talented film makers and animators for creating videos
it's a unique video/ film/ animation crowdsourcing online platform

getting videos made can be stressful –
sourcing the right talent, negotiating and running video projects can take up a lot of time and resource
buttonstart makes it easy to find and work with film makers who will create videos - whether your needs are for one video or multiple videos

sign up on www.buttonstart.in post your brief for the videos, publish it and wait for film makers to come up with pitches that are creative and brand conscious
unleash the power of this online crowdsourcing platform

grow your film making business -
in today’s time the demand for videos especially branded videos is rising and this trend is here to stay till the time a medium is developed that can get the attention of the consumer much faster and effectively than videos
buttonstart provides film makers and animators with a dashboard to find work, build a portfolio, profile and network

sign up on www.buttonstart.in to explore this new and exciting world of videos